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Medical Review Officers (MRO) Services

Certified Medical Review Officers (C-MRO) review all DOT and NonDOT drug test results for our clients. These reviews include speaking with donors that have a non-negative result before making a final determination. Certified MRO Assistants support the MRO with some tasks during the review process.

What A MRO Does

Medical Review Officers have a multitude of duties and are directly involved with the review of each drug test positive or negative. Here are some duties that they perform:

  • Review all specimen results.
  • Coordinates medical evaluation for shy bladder collections.
  • Reports positive results to FMCSA Clearinghouse.
  • Coordinates Split Specimen Testing.

Expert Testimony

Medical Review Officers (MRO) are often called to testify at a variety of different hearing directly related to drug testing. They are the experts with prescription drug interaction which can eliminate the possibly of a false positive test.