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Drug Free Workplace

Having clearly stated policies to prevent employees from being under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances is at the heart of a Drug Free Workplace. These policies should include clearly stated policies that prohibit the use of illegal substances as well as the possession of illicit drugs in the workplace. Preventing employees from working under the influence of legally controlled substances such as medical marijuana or prescription medications is no easy task. These substances will impair your employees from safely carrying out their duties. We can help.

How We Help Your Organization

Since the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, which established rules for businesses that receive a federal grant or hold a federal contract of more than $100,000, we at MedTrac help organizations establish a drug free workplace.

  • Policy Formation Consultation
  • Pre Employment Testing
  • Random, Reasonable Suspicion and Post Accident Testing
  • SAP and EAP Program Establishment

Delivering A Drug Free Workplace  

Maintaining a drug free workplace is essential for protecting the health and safety of your employees. We help develop a clear drug free workplace policy outlining the penalties for violations as well as testing which deters the use of alcohol and illegal substances in the workplace.

Implementing a Drug Free Workplace Program requires knowledge of both State and Federal Laws. MedTrac can assist you in creating a program that meets those requirements. Our programs are created to assist your organization in establishing a safe work environment for all of your employees.

Our Drug Free Workplace Programs include:

  • Assistance in creating a new drug and alcohol testing policy
  • Review of your current drug and alcohol testing policy
  • Employer and Employee Training Programs
  • Random drug and alcohol testing services (where allowed)
  • HHS-Certified Laboratory
  • Nationwide collection sites
  • Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) referrals
  • Audit Assistance